Cost Savings & Value-Based Care

Biosimilars have the potential to bring significant savings to both patients and the entire healthcare system. Biosimilars increase competition in the marketplace, generally cost less to develop compared to originator biologics and can potentially open opportunities for additional research and investment in new innovator products.

Creating a More Robust Market for Patients and Payers

With each biosimilar that receives approval, more options enter the marketplace for healthcare professionals and patients to choose from. This can naturally increase competition and lower costs for patients and payers.


It is estimated that biosimilars have accounted for more than $20 billion of savings in Europe since 2006.1


Estimates project up to a potential $250B in savings in U.S. healthcare costs by 2025.2

Creating Value to Improve Health Systems

The introduction of biosimilars promotes competition which can lead to lower costs for consumers and payers. This competition can also benefit the market by freeing up headroom for investment in new products and providing more treatment options for patients with serious illnesses.


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