Potential Benefits and Value of Biosimilars

Biosimilars have the potential to have a positive impact on patients and the healthcare system. They can reduce costs by offering a lower-cost treatment option and provide more treatment options for patients.

How Biosimilars Save on Costs

Biosimilars introduce competition into the healthcare system. As the number of treatment choices increases for a particular disease or condition, manufacturers are incentivized to reduce the prices of their products to maintain or increase market share.

How Biosimilars Affect the Marketplace(1-4)


The competition fostered by a marketplace with biosimilars could benefit every stakeholder in the healthcare system


Opportunity for system-wide cost savings


Headroom for greater investment in innovator products


More treatment options for patients with serious illnesses


Manufacturers incentivized to reduce prices

With rising healthcare costs, biosimilars contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system by providing patients with more treatment options.5


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