Investment & Commitment to Biosimilars | Amgen Biosimilars

Significant Investments

Dedication to biosimilars

We put a lot on the line to advance biotechnology four decades ago, and we’re continuing to do so with biosimilars. With an investment of close to $2 billion across 10 biosimilar medicines, you can be sure that we’re committed long term.

Our four-decade investment in originator biologics demonstrates an unparalleled experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing medicines, and we’re applying that experience to develop biosimilars across multiple therapeutic areas.

Substantial expertise and infrastructure

Amgen has the expertise, global infrastructure, and capital to minimize disruption in supply reliability across our entire portfolio of biologics..1

Next-generation manufacturing

Amgen’s global infrastructure that is strengthened through the implementation of next-generation manufacturing is designed to promote quality biologic medicines, including biosimilars.

Amgen has a long-standing commitment to innovation in biotechnology and we are well on our way to establishing new standards of excellence that we expect will shape the future of manufacturing. These new standards involve incorporating new technologies, processes, and equipment that make the production process more efficient, consistent, versatile, and demand-driven.

Reference: 1. Data on file, Amgen; 2019.