Education and awareness

We want physicians and patients to feel comfortable about the medicines they choose. That’s why we’re committed to supporting awareness and education about biosimilar medicines at every level. This way, physicians and patients can feel confident that they’re making optimal decisions about biosimilars.

Patients also need effective education on biosimilars in order to feel confident and comfortable that they are getting the right medicines. In addition to providing industry education, we also partner with providers, nurses, and advocacy groups to make sure patients get the most helpful information, so they feel comfortable with the medicines they receive.

By creating and cultivating this educational network, we’ve made seamless connections between the support community and our medicines that we hope will only continue to foster learning and knowledge sharing.


We promote access to all our medicines by investing in reimbursement services to make sure that tangible value also comes with every medicine. We’re continuously striving to make choosing an Amgen Biosimilar a better experience for patients and their finances.

Industry leader

Amgen leads with action by investing in industry-leading support, education programs, and reimbursement services to make sure holistic value is integrated into every medicine.

Payers often endorse the preferences of prescribers when choosing biosimilars for their formularies, and prescribers often consider Amgen because of the comprehensive patient support services that come with every one of our medicines.

Choosing Amgen Biosimilars helps physicians, patients, and all partners to have the best possible experience from the start.

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