Worldwide Biologics Leader

We are biologics experts—and now biosimilars experts

At Amgen, we are proven innovators in a field that’s constantly accelerating. We are inspired every day to engineer robust and differentiated therapeutics.

We are tireless in these efforts, as evidenced by:


Innovator therapeutic treatments through FDA approval since 1980, and 2 biosimilar medicines1,3


Innovator therapeutic treatments through EMA approval since 2001, and 2 biosimilar medicines4,6


Innovator products in various stages of development7


Products in our portfolio of biosimilar medicines7,8,*

As of December 31, 2018.

Manufacturing matters

Manufacturing biologics and biosimilars requires highly specialized knowledge of:

Rigorous processes

Scientific standards

Quality systems

We have been building this knowledge for four decades. We are proud of our proven record of delivering quality, reliably supplied biologic medicines. This wouldn’t be possible without a global infrastructure supporting state-of-the-art manufacturing standards.9

Each biologic and biosimilar medicine requires its own high-standard operating procedure, something we’re continually investing in and refining. Once that’s in place, we check and recheck to ensure we continue to deliver quality biologic and biosimilar medicines.10

Not only that, but we’ve also invested $1 billion to ensure supply stability, earning us a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, and determination to get medication to every patient, every time.11

Innovative systems that are proven

Our people, processes, and products have been validated time and again, and our innovative processes have become a leading industry standard. We use the same network of scientists and state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture our biosimilar medicines as we do for our innovator biologics. That means that when you use our biosimilars, you can be confident in their high quality and rigorous standards.

*Portfolio includes pipeline assets studied in multiple therapeutic areas.

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