Manufacturing Excellence

Every patient, every time.

Amgen’s commitment to serve patients is at the heart of all we do. Many patients depend on biologic medicines and we are dedicated to ensuring that our products are reliably supplied. We believe in providing quality products to every patient, every time.

Transforming complex therapeutic proteins from the laboratory into the large-scale production of safe and effective biologic medicines requires highly specialized knowledge and experience with processes, scientific standards and quality systems. When making manufacturing choices, we base every decision on our guiding principle to deliver meticulous quality to every patient, every time. And we make investments to support that mission.

Manufacturing biotechnological medicines is a highly specialized activity, and Amgen is a leader in the field. We have invested over $1 billion into the company’s state-of-the-art biotechnology manufacturing and process development capabilities to help us to further realize the potential of our supply pipeline for patients. Part of this investment supports alternative sources of supply. Circumstances such as natural disasters may make it difficult or even impossible to access a certain manufacturing facility. Through our diverse investments in alternative supply sources, we have increased our ability to respond in the face of such unexpected circumstances to provide a reliable supply of medicine.

With more than 35 years of experience in biotechnology, and a track record of delivering high quality, reliably supplied biologic medicines, Amgen is proud of our history and excited for the future as we continue to focus on delivering our products to every patient, every time.

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